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Network Management Challenges In Today's eBusiness Environment

In today’s distributed environment, organizations face an increas- ingly difficult and time-consuming task integrating network and system information across heterogeneous platforms and disci- plines. Networks have become a critical component of eBusiness, and managing them often involves tracking performance problems that cross network boundaries. Because network downtime can be very costly, organizations need an integrated, highly scalable solu- tion that monitors and manages network traffic, while providing a true picture of network performance.

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Network/7 SNA Manager Option Benefits Today's Networked Enterprise

The Network/7 SNA Manager Option delivers a powerful, centralized, network management solution using CA-NetSpy on the MVS plat- form. This option takes full advantage of Network/T’s distributed object repository and manager/agent architecture.

The Network/7 SNA Manager Option provides intuitive 2-D and 3-D Real World Interface representations of network status and business applications. It enables CA-NetSpy performance applications to utilize 2-D and 3-D representations to help manage the environment from a real-world and business point-of-view. By simplifying network management tasks, this option:

e Reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for manual monitoring and managing of the network.

e Improves service levels by providing tools to automatically monitor the network and its critical components.

e Improves IT efficiency by allowing administrators to manage global, heterogeneous networks from a single location.


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Network/7 SNA Manager Option Distinctive Features

SNA Management. This option brings policy-based management to the SNA environment. It collects information from CA-NetSpy and passes the data to Network/7 event management. Network/T can then correlate and filter the events, pinpoint the root cause of problems, and either automatically take corrective action or alert the help desk. Through Network/T, this option improves SNA network control.

AutoDiscovery. The Network/7 SNA Manager Option discovers all SNA nodes and presents information in easy-to-read network topology maps.

Graphical User Interface. An intuitive, graphical user interface presents information about SNA network status in a concise format using color-coded maps. Because it continually monitors network devices, network administrators always have a Clear picture of network status.

SNA Manager Problem Analysis. This feature provides perfor- mance information through alerts and historical reports. When network administrators select an object, a list of active and historical alerts for that device appears. The historical alerts help administrators discern and resolve the associated problem. Scalability. The Network/7 SNA Manager Option has a scalable architecture that is an effective and efficient solution for any size configuration, from a small mainframe system to a large MVS Sysplex.

Integration With Other Network Protocols. By integrating SNA objects with TCP/IP and DECnet objects in the Network/T object repository, these disparate network configurations can all be viewed centrally through the 2-D or 3-D Real World Interface. This enables administrators to easily track performance problems across network boundaries.


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Total Network Management With Network/7

The combination of Network/7’s broad base of functionality and robust options offer a comprehensive network management solution for today’s distributed, heterogeneous networks.

Superb Base Functionality. Network/7 enables powerful, centralized management of distributed, multi-protocol, heteroge- neous networks “out-of-the-box.” Built on CA’s Unicenter TNG® Framework," today’s most sought-after Total Enterprise Management" infrastructure, Network/7 leverages the Framework’s powerful reporting, centralized alert and event management technology, Business Process Views,” Real World Interface, and more.

In addition to powerful network management, Network/T provides integration with a number of additional enterprise man- agement functional areas including asset management, help desk, storage management, and security.

Tight integration with other members of the /7 family of products, such as Double/7™ and Master/T,™ enable organi- zations to tailor their enterprise management strategy to best meet their business requirements.

Powerful Network/T Options. Network/T’s functionality can be further extended through a number of available options. In addi- tion to the SNA Manager Option, technology to manage Frame Relay Circuits, Frame Relay Cloud, Operating Systems, DECnet, ATM, Switches, and VLANs is available.

Supported Environment ° MVS

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