CA Open License Program” Version 2.0

Program Overview

What is CA OLP Version 2.0?

The Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) Open License Program (OLP) Version 2.0 is an easy-to-use, cost-effective volume purchase licensing program designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes that want to purchase CA software at volume discounts.

It reduces the costs associated with evaluating, acquiring, maintaining, upgrading, and managing CA Workgroup and Advanced Edition software products. Ideal for organizations of all sizes, OLP provides streamlined purchasing, cost savings, and centralized license management.

More than 100 Products from Seven Software Solution Areas to Choose From:

Storage Management

Network Management

Desktop/Server Management

Database and Information Management Security

Help Desk Solutions


Mix & Match Products and Services to Earn Points Towards Big Discount Levels:

e Upgrade Protection e Remote Deployment (North America & Europe only) e Training/Educational Services (North America only)

You can license CA’s wide variety of Workgroup and Advanced Edition solutions through the OLP’s simple and flexible volume- based pricing. With the first order, you acquire the minimum number of points at one of four price levels, and continue to receive that discount level for reorders over the next two years.

OLP Version 2.0 Expanded Features and Benefits

CA’s OLP product licenses are transactional agreements, so there is no need to report or forecast future purchases. Unlike other transactional license programs offered in the industry, participation in CA’s OLP does not require the purchase of the actual boxed product first. And to ensure you always install the most currently available software, the OLP Solutions Kit contains the latest versions of all the CA software products eligible for the program.

The many benefits available from this program include:

e New Discount Level. Discount Level D will provide greater savings

e Lower Entry Level. Lower minimum initial purchase requirement of 40 points from 75 points.

e OLP Quick Quote System. Your reseller can quickly and easily provide you with detailed quote information, calculate program levels, configure SKUs, track RFQ pipeline status, and assess savings from cross-sells.

e Internet Order Tracking System. Your reseller can electronically search and track the status of your order via the Internet.

e New Products & Services. CA OLP introduces new product and services offerings, enhancing the 100+ unique product and services currently available.

e Services. Earn points towards big discounts on products with the purchase of theses service options:

e Remote Deployment. (North America & Europe only) CA Services provides a fast and cost-effective way to have software professionally installed.

e Education & Training. (North America only) A comprehensive suite of education services including Computer Based Training (CBT) is offered exclusively for Workgroup and Advance Edition products.

+ Upgrade Protection. You can order upgrade protection within 60 days of the initial purchase.

e Academic & Government Pricing. Big discounts are available for qualifying Academic and Government Institutions. Eligible institutions will be automatically promoted into Level D pricing with no minimum level point requirement.

e Telephone Technical Support. Free 90-day technical support is included with the initial order and on all reorders.

e Worldwide Availability. CA OLP is offered worldwide. Ordering and reordering is easy. The OLP license number-- -assigned with your first order---can be used by anyone in that organization responsible for software purchases, and they will receive the established OLP discount.

e 24-Hour Delivery Certificate & Media. The OLP Solutions Kit contains everything needed to evaluate, install and activate licensed CA software. Your custom-generated License Certificate allows you to copy products purchased through the OLP in the exact quantity ordered.

e Mix-and-Match Software and Services. There are no product pools. You can mix-and-match products and services to qualify for OLP discount levels.

« Free Trial Products. More than 20 free trial product CDs are included with every OLP order, so you can experience the power of other powerful CA solutions.

Program Datails

The initial OLP order will determine your discount level for the next two years. In the initial order, you select the products and quantities you want to purchase. Bonus points are awarded for multi-product purchases. You accumulate points based on the products and quantities purchased, and these points qualify you for one of four price levels - A, B, C, or D.

A discount schedule is associated with each purchase level, so the more points accumulated -- the greater the savings. The minimum purchase requirement is 40 points for initial orders, and 1 point for reorders.

Program Purchase Level

Point Range 40 - 249 250 - 499 500 - 1,499 1500+

Product Reorders

You also may reorder products at the your OLP tevel for two years from the date of the first license agreement. You just need to reference the License Certificate number, assigned with the first order, which indicates your buy-in level and the expiration date of the original OLP agreement. Customers can place reorders against this License Certificate number with a minimum of one point.

Points are not cumulative on reorders. If you wish to proceed to the next price level, simply place a separate initial order for quantities that would satisfy the desired level's minimum. Otherwise, you will remain at the initial buy-in level established with the first OLP order agreement.

Everything You Need in One Solutions Kit

With the initial OLP software sale, customers also purchase the OLP Solutions Kit for a nominal fee. The kit contains everything needed to install and activate licensed software product as well as evaluate other Workgroup and Advanced Edition products. This includes the most current version of all the OLP products available at the time of purchase, as well as a custom-generated License Certificate with your customized license numbers.

The License Certificate provides the right to copy products purchased through the OLP in the exact quantity ordered. The License Certificate includes a unique License Certificate “number” that is required for all reorders. It also documents the specific software product licenses purchased and the information necessary to unlock these products.

Try IT - Thon Buy IT !

The OLP Solutions Kit contains a set of trial product CDs for select Workgroup and Advanced Edition software products. Installed trial products can be unlocked to become full versions with the appropriate license key codes. Should you decide to purchase any of these trial products, an OLP reorder enables you to easily activate the product without reinstallation.

IT ‘s All In The Family!

The OLP includes CA’s family of Workgroup and Advanced Edition products. The common infrastructure shared across all CA Workgroup and Advariced Edition products enables customers to easily implement these solutions and manage IT environment in a cohesive fashion, all at a price point and level of functionality that fits their needs.

These state-of-the-art solutions are designed for specific management areas such as asset and inventory management, storage management, remote control, compression, firewall, relational database, anti-virus, object database, help desk, software delivery, and include:

AimiT™ - Asset and Inventory Management” ARCserve®/T *~ Complete Storage Management” Control/T”” - Remote Control Without Boundaries” Crypt/T” - Secure Data Communications (North America only) Double/T” - Maximum Network Bandwidth™ Guard/T” - Total Network Security”

Ingres® Il - Relational Database and Enterprise Data Connectivity

Inoculate/T”* - Complete Virus Protection” Jasmineif” Pure Object Database and Multimedia Application Development

Network/T’” - Total Network Management” NEW! Service/T” - Knowledge-based Help Desk” Ship{T”" - Automated Software Delivery" Survive/T” - Ultimate Server Availability”

“NetWare & Windows NT editions

Upgrade Protection

Upgrade Protection is one of the easiest and most cost-effective add-on components for every OLP order. By allocating funds up front, licenses remain current, without the expense of additional license costs for new releases that become available. In essence, future product revisions are pre-paid, ensuring that products remain current for two years.

Customers may enroll in Upgrade Protection when they order. The Upgrade Protection period is coterminous and will expire on the second anniversary of the license agreement. Upgrade Protection is optional, and is specific to the licensed product(s). Should you select this option, it must be purchased for the same quantity as the product purchased.

When new product revisions are announced, the customer can obtain product updates at no charge. The kit contains trials of the latest versions of Workgroup and Advanced edition products. The customer’s OLP license is considered current once the new OLP Solutions Kit is obtained.

OLP Product Support

Free technical support is included for a period of 90 days with each initial order and for all reorders. During this 90-day period, customers may opt to escalate their calls from the standard to the priority support queue for an additional fee. Optional 24 x 7 support services are also available for an additional fee.

Return Policy. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied with their license purchase, they may return the order (including the Solutions Kit) unconditionally within 30 days of OLP program entry date.

OLP Order Process. The order process for the CA OLP is similar to that for the standard licensing of CA’s Workgroup and Advanced Edition products. Customers simply place orders with their reseller and a license agreement is procured by the reseller on your behalf. The program deliverables - Solutions Kit and License Certificate - are shipped directly to the customer or reseller partner in the same package.

The Easiest Way To License CA Software

Consistent volume licensing helps manage overall costs and maintains control of licensed use of the solutions you need to enable your business. Its inherent business value, simplicity, and customization, truly make CA’s Open License Program the easiest way to license CA Workgroup and Advanced Edition software.

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