CA Open License Program” Version 20

Welcome to OLP

Dear Valued OLP Client,

Congratulations on joining the Computer Associates Open License Program (OLP). The enclosed OLP Solutions Kit has everything you need to successfully deploy CA solutions and to reap the full benefits of your membership.

Your OLP Solutions Kit Includes:

OLP Program Overview

Getting Started Guide

OLP License Certificate with Your Unique License Number

Your Order of Product CD(s) for Installation

More than 20 FREE CA Workgroup and Advanced Edition Product Trial CDs Information on CA Services Remote Deployment and Education Courses

Use your Unique License Number printed on the OLP License Certificate to order any CA products or services. Simply provide your authorized reseller with this number each time you order CA products, and you'll automatically receive your established OLP discount for the next two years.

Your OLP Solutions Kit contains 20 free software trials. This software can be easily converted into fully licensed product without reinstallation. Just call your reseller to purchase a CA keycode”.

Windows 2000 Support CA will provide Windows 2000 support for most of its existing products. For a comprehensive listing of Windows 2000 ready products, visit

ARCserve/ARCservelT Users Upgrade for FREE

The ARCserve/T Windows 2000 Product Support CD provides users of ARCserve 6.5 and ARCserve/T 6.6x Workgroup & Advanced Edition for Windows NT with FREE Windows 2000 support. To order or download the Windows 2000 Support file, visit

In addition, Windows 2000 support for CA products is also available at

New Product Announcements

OLP keeps getting better! CA is proud to announce these exciting new products have been added to OLP: ARCserve/Tfor Linux

Control/T 4.6 French (in Europe)

ControllT 4.6 Korean (in Asia Pacific)

Inoculate/T Korean (in Asia Pacific)

Network/T 2.0 Advanced Edition

For more information on these products, look for the “New Product Info Pack” in your OLP Solutions Kit now!

Computer Based Training (CBT) Available Now! CA wants to help your organization benefit fully from the powerful technologies that CA offers. We now offer Computer Based Training courses on ARCserve!T™, the industry’s most comprehensive storage management solution. Available CBTs include: e ARCserve/T Administration Fundamentals e ARCservelT Advanced Administration for Windows NT e ARCservelT Advanced Administration for NetWare

To check for more CBT titles, product pricing, or to locate a CA Reseller in your area, visit

Thank you for choosing CA OLP. We look forward to further serving your IT needs.

Sincerely, TS, I Ira Simon

Divisional Vice President Channel Marketing

P.S. If you need more information or assistance on OLP, visit

*ARCserve for NetWare demonstration CD is not convertible at this time.

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